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On Monday 5 November, chairman of Greater Manchester Police Federation Ian Hanson and Secretary Jackie Bowen answered questions in an online Question and Answer session on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Here is a transcript of the session. 

Good morning all. Welcome to #askgmpfed, our latest live web Q and A. Chairman Ian and Secretary Jackie are waiting for your questions! 


Dear Friends,

The past few weeks have been probably the most challenging in Greater Manchester Police`s 38 year history. The events of Tuesday 18th September 2012 will forever be etched in the memories of those men and women who make up GMP.

Letters of condolence received by GMP Federation

Days since the tragic deaths of our colleagues Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes we have been overwhelmed with messages of condolence and offers to provide whatever support we need. It is incredibly moving to see how Fiona and Nicola have touched so many lives and I know that their families have taken great comfort from these messages.

We are working closely with Fiona and Nicola's families to ensure they are able to give them the tribute that they deserve. Our priority continues to be ensuring that their wishes are carried out next week.

Dear Colleague,

We have been made aware of a text and face book campaign encouraging members to withdraw from subscribing to the Police Federation. Obviously this is of concern to us, but equally of concern is the fact that there are a number of myths and rumours regarding the impact of doing this.

The purpose of this letter is to clarify the correct position and implications of doing it so that any member considering this course of action does so with access to all the facts and implications.


Following on from earlier emails we have now finalised the arrangements for the Pensions Seminars that are being given by Philip Pearson from St James's Place Wealth Management.  The purpose of these is to provide members with an overview of their options and compare what we are being left with against what is available in the wider marketplace.

When the Home Secretary published her proposals for the long term reform of police pensions in March this year the Federation had to decide how to respond in the best interests of its members.

Naturally, throughout this process we have taken legal advice including from leading counsel.

We completely understand that there is a massive amount of frustration and anger over the proposed changes to the Police Pension Scheme and a desire for information. The below document has been produced with the frequently asked questions we have been receiving into Progress House. We have tried to answer the questions as fully as possible and will keep this as a living document and if officers email questions to us we will try and add them to the list and circulate our response. We would ask members to be patient as this is generating a phenomenal demand which we are doing our best to meet.

Dear All,

We have now had some time to digest the contents of this morning`s announcement on the future of police pensions. We all know that this Government have kicked the finest police service in the world around from the day they came to power and they have done this because they know we have limited options available to us to fight back. We in the Federation are acutely aware that many members will be incredibly unhappy with the reforms that have been announced but we have to be realistic in trying to secure the best we could out of a bad situation not of our making.


From the outset of these negotiations on Winsor Part Two Staff Side entered with a positive frame of mind in the expectation that we would be able to reach a negotiated settlement which met the requirements of the Official Side while respecting the concerns and legitimate fears of Staff Side and the police officers of England and Wales that we represent.

We were encouraged by the Official Side’s stated intention to reach a collective agreement through constructive dialogue. In recent weeks that intention on the part of the Official Side appears to have evaporated as positions for negotiations have been replaced by positions of principle. These really should have been identified at an earlier stage.

The Official Side previously indicated that they hoped to get an early sense of Staff Side’s views and also that Staff Side would put forward its own views. Therefore, in the hope of reaching an agreement, Staff Side has made the following proposals in respect of each of the recommendations which the Home Secretary asked the PNB to consider.

At today’s (24/07/2012) meeting of the Police Negotiating Board, in regards Winsor Part Two, a failure to agree has been registered and the case will now be referred to the Police Arbitration Tribunal (PAT). Please find the Staff Side media statement below and Ian Rennie’s statement to the Police Negotiating Board attached.

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