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Federation representatives are elected every three years to work on behalf of their colleagues offering support in a range of matters that affect our working lives and conditions. For GMP this triennial election will be held force wide in October, where all divisional and departmental federation posts will become subject to election.

Your federation will be running ‘Interested parties meet and greet’ days on the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th September – between 1000-1400, in preparation for these triennial elections. Any federated rank interested or wishing to find out more about what it means to become a federation representative can call in to Progress House for an informal no obligation chat, which should take 15-20 minutes.

Increment pay, pensions and the Fed Ballot all feature in Q and A

On Wednesday 1 May, Ian Hanson, chairman of Greater Manchester Police Federation, and Jackie Bowen, federation secretary, answered questions from officers on the @gmpfederation Twitter account. #askgmpfed

Dear all,

The Home Secretary has today confirmed the Home Office's intention to implement a police pay review body.

Subject to parliamentary approval, the Police Remuneration Pay Body will be implemented in Autumn 2014 and will replace the existing Police Negotiating Board.

According to the government's response to the consultation exercise, the pay review body will 'with the exception of pensions, cover all aspects of police remuneration currently covered by the Police Negotiating Board including hours of duty, leave, pay and allowances, or the issue, use and return of police clothing and accoutrements'.

Introduction of Electronic Payslips 15th April 2013

Further to item one of Chief Constables Order 2013/01 the first electronic payslip will now be delivered just prior to 15th April 2013. The payslips will be emailed to the GMP email accounts of officers and staff. The payslips are password protected, a separate email will be sent out prior to this date with the password details.

Dear Colleagues 

We have been asked to assist with a survey which is being conducted by Professor Jennifer Brown, Deputy Chair of the Independent Commission into the Future of Policing in England and Wales.

The Independent Police Commission, as a consequence of the findings of the earlier surveys, is seeking further information from Federation members.

On 17 Jan 2013, at 09:34, Ian Hanson wrote:


I hope you are well.

We understand that plans are being formulated to hold a selection process for promotion of officers to the substantive rank of Chief Superintendent. You will be well aware of the very clear position that GMP Federation have taken on the proliferation of Superintending ranks within the force and that has been the subject of much debate and correspondence in recent times. I do not propose to repeat the points I have raised previously relating to the fact that we are grossly over-establishment at both the ranks of Superintendent and Chief Superintendent and the very clear fact that senior management of the force is being shielded from the cuts that those at the sharp end are being told they have to undertake out of financial necessity.

PABEW Recommendations on Winsor Part Two

In March 2012 the Home Secretary wrote to the Independent Chair of the Police Advisory Board for England and Wales (PABEW) directing the Board to consider a number of recommendations from the Final Report of the Winsor Review of Police Officer and Staff Remuneration and Conditions. Some had a deadline of July 2012 while some have a deadline of July 2013. Discussion on these recommendations at PABEW took place in parallel to the consideration of a number of other recommendations from the Winsor Final Report by the Police Negotiating Board. At the PABEW meeting on 24 July 2012 the Board reached unanimous agreement on the recommendations set out below.

Death of serving police officer

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of PC Gareth Francis today, Sunday 20 January. 

He joined GMP in 2007 and at the time of his death was serving at West Didsbury Police Station as part of the South Manchester Division.

Steve Williams, Chair Elect of The Police Federation of England & Wales said:

“I am terribly saddened to announce that Paul McKeever, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, died last night. He was admitted to hospital a few days ago and sadly collapsed with a suspected embolism. We await further details, however my deepest sympathy and that of the entire Police Federation, is with his wife and family at this time. He was a truly outstanding Chairman, and most importantly a truly outstanding police officer and man. A true gentleman, his leadership and reputation will be remembered highly by all those who knew him.”

Sorry seems to be the hardest word......

You will recognise these words from a famous song...

This holds true in the area of Police Complaints and Misconduct Investigations.
Many Police Officers that have found themselves under investigation in recent years have been reluctant to hold their hands up on occasions and say "I'm sorry"

Policing is fast paced and complex, and from time to time we will make mistakes or misjudge a situation , there is no shame in that, it is only natural.

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