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Our review and annual report on 2015 has just been released, it contains updates of all the good work your federation does in all our business areas. Hard copies will be distributed in due course.

Information is being circulated regarding the will-writing scheme offered by Linder Myers solicitors to retired and serving Police Officers and their families. It raises concerns that Linder Myers will take money from a deceased person’s estate and that in some way this has been concealed within the will-writing scheme. We would never act or charge costs in a deceased person’s estate without the agreement of all the executors and the beneficiaries.

Police (Amendment) Regulations 2015 came into effect on 1 April 2015. These give the Home Secretary powers to determine the circumstances when a member may be placed on limited duties and their pay adjusted.

This document is designed to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) following the introduction of these provisions.

Download  Limited Duties regulation FAQ’s

Dear Colleague

As some of you will know we were visited by the Rt Honourable Mike Penning the Police Minister on Tuesday 18 Nov 14.  In the course of the visit he commented that he has been to all of the Firefighter Charity Facilities, and the Armed Forces Treatment Centres for wounded service personnel, but he has not seen anywhere that can compare with either the quality and type of facilities available at the PTC, or the care and treatment that we provide for our Police Officers.  I think that this is a real accolade, and an endorsement of our work.  It came at a time when the Cabinet Office announced a £500,000 grant to the PTC, which we are busy spending at the moment, and will be used to update and improve our facilities, to ensure that we retain our reputation as a Centre of Excellence.

Urgent message from the Chief Constable about raised policing threat level

Every day we meet and provide assistance to people across Greater Manchester who turn to us for help when they are in need.

Today the national threat level to any individual connected to policing has been increased to substantial. We all need to take sensible precautions to keep ourselves and our colleagues safe. It is important that we are alert and always keep personal safety at the forefront of our thoughts.

Dear Colleagues,

The Official Side has today at PNB tabled an offer of a one percent pay increase from 1 September this year. This increase is for all pay points and all Ranks and has been accepted by staff side. This increase also applies to those allowances normally subject to annual increase. The increase does not include CRTP.

Dear All

The Police Arbitration Tribunal has issued its judgment this morning on the Winsor report part 2, see attached. The panel met on 15th November 2013 to consider a failure to reach agreement between the two sides of the Police Negotiation Board, official and staff. The two key issues were;

Greater Manchester Police Federation and GMPs Professional Standards Branch have worked hard in recent times to develop a working relationship built on openness and transparency. We recognise that this is an incredibly difficult area of business for any police force and the very nature of the work they undertake means that there will inevitably be those who will never be happy with views other than their own.

Dear colleague,

As the Independent Review enters the final month of evidence gathering, it is launching a large-scale national survey. This survey will influence the Review’s recommendations for the future of the Police Federation. Filling in the survey takes only ten minutes or so. It is a quick and simple way for all individual Police Federation members, representatives included, to have their say about the future of their staff association.

If you are a member of GMP Federations Insurance Benefit Trust (IBT), one of the benefits of the cover is Life Insurance. This benefit is payable on the death of the Member or their partner who are covered by the scheme. This deduction should be shown on your payslip as LIAS.

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