Greater Manchester Police Federation and GMPs Professional Standards Branch have worked hard in recent times to develop a working relationship built on openness and transparency. We recognise that this is an incredibly difficult area of business for any police force and the very nature of the work they undertake means that there will inevitably be those who will never be happy with views other than their own.

The force has in recent times shown a genuine desire to work with us to develop a culture of learning and development that benefits both the public and the 7000 police officers of Greater Manchester that we represent,. In recent times, we have seen much faster resolution of complaints and sensible proportionate outcomes within a culture of transparency and co-operation that has proven to be the role model adopted by many other UK forces and who have done so after visiting GMP. Indeed, we have experienced first-hand feedback from police officers who believed they had been dealt with swiftly and fairly.

The Police Federation's role is to act as a critical friend and we never hesitate to challenge where necessary and we will continue to do this to build upon the culture of learning, openness and professionalism that Greater Manchester Police's Professional Standards Branch operates within.

Greater Manchester Police Federation wish to make it clear that we have no issues with the integrity of the men and women who make up the forces Professional Standards Branch.


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