(see also Annex P Determinations, Police Regulations 2003)

Details as to the self certification procedures applicable within the Force are available from Personnel and the Joint Branch Board Office. Your unfitness for duty may be challenged first by way of a referral to the Force Medical Officer and, if then the Force Medical Officer and your Doctor disagree on your fitness for duty, by reference to a third Medical Practitioner on appeal.

If, on any day you have, during the period of 12 months ending with that day, been on sick leave for 183 days, you will cease for the time being to be entitled to full pay and become entitled only to half pay.

If, on any day you have been on sick leave for the whole of a period of 12 months ending with that day, you cease for the time being to be entitled to any pay whilst on sick leave.

The Chief Officer retains the discretion, however, to extend the period of entitlement to, as appropriate, full pay or half pay.
For further details as to how this would affect you, please contact the JBB office.

Court appearances – whilst sick 

If a member is certified as unfit for duty by a Doctor, and is due to give evidence in Court, unless the reason for the certification prevents the member from giving evidence (e.g. stress, throat infection, hospitalisation), the member is obliged to attend to Court and give evidence.

Travelling expenses are recoverable, as are claims for subsistence/refreshment allowances (if incurred).

Injury sustained on duty

Any injury suffered whilst on duty (e.g. assault, a road traffic accident, falling over loose equipment, disease, stress, etc.) should be reported to your Supervising Officer and to the local offices of the DSS to have it classed as an industrial injury. They may invite you to claim for industrial disablement benefits. This is an entitlement and may assist in getting an ill health/injury pension, even at a much later date.

It also covers you should that injury cause further aggravation or deterioration.

Any injury received at any sport or game will not be regarded as an injury on duty, unless the sporting activity is part of a training programme or otherwise carried out in duty time under a specific order (e.g. PSU training).

In respect of any injury suffered by you (whether or not incurred on duty) you should notify the Joint Branch Board Secretary with a view to obtaining advice as to the possibility of a civil claim and/or a claim under the criminal injuries compensation scheme.

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